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HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) testing is currently in use by most major manufacturing organizations to improve product reliability in a variety of industries, including electronics, computer, defense, automotive, medical and others. HALT/HASS chambers provide extreme temperature change rates and multi-axis vibration conditions used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to reduce the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses.

CSZ’s HALT & HASS Time Compressor® chambers incorporate the highest level of technology and quality for the optimum in reliability testing. The chamber design of CSZ and the vibration table design by Dr. Gregg Hobbs, inventor of HALT & HASS technology, combine to provide the broadest range of temperature and vibration capabilities in the industry which are key to both precipitation and detection of product defects.

CSZ supplies a full range of environmental test chambers from small benchtop chambers to full walk-in rooms. Test chambers are available with temperature, humidity, thermal shock and altitude conditions. CSZ Testing Services also provides a variety of environmental testing services including HALT HASS test services in our environmental test labs located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Sterling Heights, MI.

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